The Team

Patrick Regan OBE: Founder and CEO

Patrick Regan has travelled to over thirty countries working with and on behalf of some of the poorest communities. His passion is to see children and young people, from the most deprived and challenging backgrounds, succeed in life - helping them to avoid making wrong choices and to overcome the challenges they face - to realise their amazing potential. To achieve this he has engaged with politicians and gang members, victims and perpetrators, police, councils and housing associations, and most particularly with the young people themselves and their families. He is also the author of four books the latest being 'When Faith Gets Shaken' and is on the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice. Patrick was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from London South Bank University in 2016 for his contribution to peace and social justice.

Patrick lives with his wife and four children in South-east London.

You can find out more about Patrick Regan by visiting his personal website and blog.

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Simon Marchant: COO

COO - With a background in business and projects, Simon has been working with Patrick and XLP for over 10 years. He feels it deeply when 'the kids' struggle, he loves it when they succeed, and will do just about anything for a chocolate bar!

Richard Furze: CFO

CFO - Richard acted as a Trustee and Treasurer of XLP for several years before joining the staff team in February 2014.  A Chartered Accountant by training, he has also worked for the Shaftesbury Society and was CEO of Friends of the Elderly for 10 years. He is married to Brigitte and has two daughters. Hobbies include singing with the New English Orchestra.

Hannah Bourazza: Chief Safeguarding Officer

Hannah has over 30 years youth work experience, previously working as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor for Lewisham DAAT. She has managed the London mentoring project in Lewisham for the past 4 years and is now responsible for all of XLP's mentoring projects and is Chief Safeguarding Officer for the charity. Her passion is to empower disadvantaged young people to recognise their potential, to give them opportunities to broaden their life experiences.  To support them embrace the positive things that life has to offer them. She loves seeing people smile. 

Naomi Allen: XL Ministries Director

With a degree in International Politics and a heart for mission, Naomi Allen has led the youth work in Lewisham for XLP for the last 5 years. Passionate about God and young people, Naomi has been involved in a mixture of projects that seek to connect the dots so that young people are able to hear and respond to the gospel.

Matt House: East London Youth Work Manager

Matt has had a very colourful life, full of adventure, intrigue and the occasional job. He has a passion for learning about what life entails for others, in his own locality in Shadwell, East London and across the globe, leading to a commitment to understanding individuals, communities and cultures more fully.

Rebecca Crawley: Senior Youth Worker - Newham

Becca is from Sunny Suffolk. She has worked with young people in the social care setting and with looked after children for the past 5 years before joining XLP. Becca loves to travel and see the world, particularly where the sun is shining! Her favourite food is burgers and her mission is to find the best burger in London.

Danielle Widger: Senior Youth Worker - Greenwich

Originally from Bristol, she made the big journey across the M4 nearly five years ago to work with the beautiful Greenwich Borough. Is really passionate about seeing young people reach their potential no matter how far off track they may have gotten!

Josh Booth: Senior Youth Worker - Islington

Having joined XLP in 2010 as a gap year student, Josh has progressed through youth work training into part of the staff team as of 2014. He is passionate about giving young people opportunities and guidance to grow and develop in exciting and unique ways, whilst also following his first love - Derby County FC!

Joey Miller: Senior Youth Worker - Southwark

Joey joined the XLP team in summer 2014. She loves that working with young people means no two days are ever the same. Her passion is to see others realise their full potential. While Joey's childhood dream was to become a Ballerina, she now enjoys using her creativity to help nurture young people's lives.

Amy Glover: Senior Youth Worker - Southwark (Materity Cover)

Amy is really proud to be born and raised in Southwark, she believes there's no better place in the world to live and work. Amy has a huge heart for the young people in her community and wants them to find hope, belonging and know their true worth. Alongside having a degree in arts, she has worked with young people for the past 7 years within the care system, and those out of employment and education. Originally she become involved in XLP as a mentor back in 2013. She enjoys a strong coffee and a good workout.

Louise Churchus: Senior Youth Worker - Tower Hamlets

Lou spent a gap year with XLP and loved all the young people in Tower Hamlets so much she decided to stay and spend more time with them! In love with the craziness, culture and curries that her wonderful borough holds, Lou is excited to see the young people get as enthusiastic as she can about things! Lou has a soft spot for good food, parks, cups of tea and funny videos involving cats!

Jerome Hughes: Senior Youth Worker - Lambeth

With a background in Youth Work, Football Coaching and being a Camp Counsellor, Jerome joined XLP in 2015 and has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Sports Science and Coaching. Jerome is passionate about transforming and impacting young people’s lives.

Rosie Conroy: Senior Youth Worker - Camden

Rosie has many talents. These do not include dancing, singing, time keeping or keeping her mouth shut. This South East Londoner is of the ‘classic’ youth worker variety – a coffee drinker, Netflix lover and easily bribed with chocolate! After studying at Oasis, Rosie moved down to sunny ol’ Kent to work for Tunbridge Wells YFC for 3 years before coming back to the big smoke and making the scary journey…. North of the river….!

Keir Wilson: Senior Youth Worker - Hackney

Keir has had the privilege of working with young people for the last 9 years in Kent and overseas. He loves seeing young people realise what they are capable of and finds it amazing to watch what they can accomplish when given a positive opportunity. The most adventurous place he's worked was in Papua New Guinea, where he was paid in chickens by the local chief, they were delicious! Keir joined us in Summer 2016 and is pleased to be working so close to the most talented sports team in the world, Arsenal!

Photo of Ed

Ed Wyeth: Senior Youth Worker- Lewisham

Ed is passionate about working with the most disadvantaged young people and is particularly concerned about breaking the link between exclusion from education and youth offending. He has a background in youth work, coaching and mentoring, and previously worked in a Young Offenders Institute. He enjoys cycling, coffee and Brighton FC!

Ian Hiley: Community Project Manager

Joined XLP in 2007 and has been a Youth worker for 12 years. Has a passion for local grassroots projects and seeing young people and their communities find their own solutions to the challenges they face. Enjoys regular trips to exciting parts of the world and jumping off stuff!

Ethan Bernard: X Mobile Project Manager

Working across some of the most challenging areas in London, Ethan is an experienced youth practitioner who has a passion to see positive change in the lives young people. With his expertise in relational youth work, Ethan currently uses a mobile music van as a means of engaging, supporting and steering young people towards positive futures.

Wizdom: Arts Manager

 A music industry professional for over 15 years, ex-member of MOBO nominated Hip Hop group GreenJade, Wiz has worked for a number of independent record labels, and run his own recording studio, club nights, launch parties. Wizdom has a desire to enable young talent to access life changing opportunities and preparing them for it.

Louise Howitt: Arts Administrator

Louise has always loved dance and working with young people and joins the expanding arts team in 2016. She is responsible for the admin, monitoring and evaluation of the arts projects (which she secretly loves because she’s actually a massive geek). She drinks way more coffee than anyone else in the office and wins over hearts and tummies with regular baking.

Rosie Neave: Arts Youth Worker

Rosie loves creativity, cornflakes and is crazy for cats! With a musical background she believes there’s a song for every moment!  She is passionate to see young people know their purpose and be able to fulfil their destiny. She is believing to see a generation of young people rise up who can shape and impact culture and influence thinking with their creativity … only takes one song to change a city!

Mark Jenkins: XL-R8 Project Manager

With seven years youth work experience in London having joined the team in 2012 and has been crashing/driving the bus ever since! Mark has a passion for seeing young people try new experiences and is happiest when taking young people camping or teaching them how to fish.

Steven Ekpenyong: Sports Development Coordinator

Now a full time membe of staff, as young person, Steven was involved in various XLP projects, and took part in the 'Pimp My Ride' show which turned an old police riot van into a mobile sound studio for XLP. Steven has regularly been asked to contribution to programmes on the BBC, ITV and radio on issues affecting urban communities and has supported the CEO on many of his speaking engagements.

Ebony Brown: Trainee Bus Worker

Ebony has volunteered with XLP since she was 17 and stuck at it because she loves the support and opportunities XLP offers to the young people they work with and plan to work with. She has a BA degree in Youth Studies, and is very passionate about the positive futures of today’s generation.

Matt Conroy: North London Bus Manager

Matt, a country bumkin, has found himself in London driving a Bus! In his spare time, if he's not watching videos on how to take engines apart then he's actually trying to take them apart himself. He’s a keen videographer, guitar pedal buyer and football player and attempts to link all that into “youth work”.

Ruth Virgo: East London Bus Manager

Originally from Sheffield int North, Ruth was doing youth work for 5 years before braving the south to join XLP. She loves the privilege of working with young people and sharing their laughs as well as their lows. Happiest when spending time chatting about anything and everything, if you bring her curry you’ve got a friend for life.

Mike Coates: Training Manager

After teaching Physics for 10 years Mike moved to London to lead and plant churches - which included seeing XLP come into being in Peckham in 1996. He now coordinates XLP's Gap-Year and Degree programmes as he has a passion to see the next generation change the world - and is also passionate to protect his biscuit tin! (Patrick jokes that Mike used to be his boss - but now the roles are reversed!)

Jess Haines: Training Officer

Jess loves the work XLP do with young people so much that she moved up from the beautiful seaside town of Swanage to be here! She’s really excited about supporting the XLP Gap Year and Degree students as they serve their boroughs, what a privilege! When Jess isn’t at XLP she’s probably getting lost on her bike, looking up groovy bands or crafting handmade birthday cards (a lifelong hobby!).

Lydia's photo

Lydia Townhill: Tower Hamlets XL-Mentoring Project Manager

Lydia joined XLP in 2016 having previously worked in addictions recovery and as a substance misuse support worker. She has a degree in Social Policy, enjoys doing youth work at her church in her spare time and plans to become famous just so that she can be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.  Her passion for seeing young people realise their potential and her love of organising paperwork into nicely labelled folders come together perfectly in her role at XLP.

Natalie's photo

Natalie Tomlinson: Southwark XL-Mentoring Project Manager

Natalie is passionate about making a significant difference in the lives of young people and has been working with young people in the inner city for more than 20 years. She loves to see them finding positive futures and developing the confidence to succeed.  According to almost everyone who knows she is a ‘trouble maker’, but Natalie believes she is simply ‘misunderstood.’

Claude Murray: Lewisham XL-Mentoring Project Manager

Claude joined the XLP team in September 2016. He has a decade’s worth of experience in supporting young people holistically. Claude is currently training to become a therapist and sees therapeutic intervention as an integral part of his work. In his spare time he enjoys creative writing, public speaking and loves spending time with his family. 

Michael Horsley: Corporate Relationship Manager

After working in the corporate world, looking after public affairs for Dixons, Michael went into the charity sector, specialising in building fundraising partnerships. He lives in the Olympic Park, in the former athelete’s village, so he has no excuse for not keeping fit! He also likes a good pub quiz.

Ben Haughton: Fundraising Manager

Ben joined XLP in April 2012 with an Economics degree and experience of working for several public sector organisations. Creating positive futures for young people is one of his major inspirations and his life priorities can be summed up by five Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Fundraising and Football!

Lorna Dobbie: Executive Assistant to the CEO

Lorna joined the XLP team in the summer of 2015. She is motivated to come to work by the stories of the amazing young people that XLP works with and loves doing all she can to support Patrick in the busy life that he leads. Having worked as a PA for a number of years she finds the unpredictability of each day at XLP really keeps her on her toes and makes things very interesting!

Craig McCulloch: Finance Officer

A qualified electrical engineer, Craig entered into the world of charity shop management before embarking on a career in administration. After spending almost eight years overseeing administration and operations at Oasis College, Craig joined the XLP team in October 2015 as the Finance Officer. He is passionate about working with young people and is married to Jackie, the Youth and Children’s Pastor of their church.

Naomi Luff: Volunteer Manager

Naomi joined XLP in 2011 and has recently transitioned from youth worker to volunteer manager, joining the office team in their pursuit for administrative tranquillity and to find the best lunch deal in the square mile. She is most likely to be found wherever there is sunshine or, failing that, leaning against a radiator.

Kerry Taylor's Photo

Kerry Taylor: Office Administrator 

Kerry joined the XLP team in December 2016, having been tempted back into the workplace after four years happy ‘early retirement’ by the prospect of working for XLP. Kerry is passionate about seeing young people achieve their potential and feels that ‘Office Hero’ is the role through which she can best support the XLP family. Kerry comes from an Army background but freely admits to being a bit of a softee where people are concerned...

Ben Palmer's Photo

Ben Palmer: Marketing and Communications Manager

Ben is a simple human being. He is happy when the teapot is full, there is a ball to chase or a race to run. He loves inspiring people to put their faith into action, which has led him to engage with a myriad of projects and charities over the years. This passion led him to start mentoring with XLP when he moved to London in 2014, and now he is delighted to be responsible for communicating the fantastic work XLP do.

Ruth Aylward: XL-LAN Project Manager

Having completed a gap year with XLP in 2009, Ruth is back with clout! She’s been teaching for the past 5 years and is really excited about seeing young lives transformed. Ruth is a crazy runner and is aiming to run as many different marathons across the world as she can!