27 Apr 2016

A Snapshot of Our Trip to Ghana

10 days away. 11 students. 6 leaders. 4 Alpha sessions. 4 assemblies. 10 football matches. 1 Jubilee School.

XLP has been working in Ghana since 1999 when we teamed up with Akosua Arkhurst, a Ghanaian pastor from Peckham with a vision to build a senior secondary school in rural Ghana. There is definitely only one Pastor Akosua - her vision, passion and faith to see this dream become a reality is extraordinary! Wonderfully, in September 2007, Jubilee School was opened.

Our recent visit was the first time XLP had travelled to this area in the two years since the Ebola crisis hit Western Africa. Pastor Akosua had great hopes for our trip, that we would be able to support the Jubilee students in both their academic and spiritual growth.

We constructed a timetable featuring an Alpha course to encourage the students to think about big questions of life, as well as organising baking activities, a football tournament, assemblies at Jubilee and in local primary schools, supporting local projects, visiting the chief of the Dampong community and spending time with the students in their homes.

For many of our team the highlight of the 10 days was building relationships with their Alpha small groups, and sharing in their joy on the Sunday when 13 of the students chose to be baptised. We’d like to say a big thank you to the folk at Youth Alpha UK for helping us with our resources!

Our team returned to the UK absolutely shattered but elated after an incredible 10 days of mission, community, fun and emotional highs. We were each transformed by meeting students and families with incredibly inspiring and joyful outlooks on life despite their surrounding poverty.

Ghana – Madassi Papapa! Thank you for having us!

Jess Haines
'Experience' Training Officer

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